Guanti per tutti i gusti

Gloves for all tastes

Today in the Cappelleria we talk about gloves. There are different types of gloves that can be distinguished mainly by how they cover the fingers and subsequently by the type of material with which they are made, and according to which they are more or less warm.

The classic glove

The classic glove is the one that completely covers the hand and fingers, it exists in leather, wool, knit, doubled (wool outside and cashmere inside) leather lined in cashmere (therefore very warm and soft), in many different colors and patterns. 

Wool gloves

The classic long glove

The classic long glove has the particularity of covering the forearm up to the elbow and can be worn slightly curled on the wrist, or completely stretched out, also available in woolen cloth, jersey or even in leather lined in pure wool.

The half-finger glove, with the thumb covered or uncovered

The cut glove with covered thumb leaves the fingers free, but keeps the palm of the hand covered up, for those who need to leave the fingers uncovered for work or simply for convenience. In this type of glove, all fingers are equally free.

There is a variant of glove with uncovered fingers that also leaves the thumb uncovered.

Half finger glove

The glove with single cut fingers

Unlike the previous model, the glove with single cut fingers maintains the shape of the classic glove, but has the fingers cut individually one by one, therefore spaced apart. The leather version is widely used by sports driving enthusiasts who perhaps have a convertible car, because it allows a greater grip on the steering wheel. The wool version is more comfortable for those who carry out activities that require greater sensitivity on the fingers. 

The glove suitable for the use of touch screen devices

The touch screen glove has the functionality in the thumb and forefinger, to be able to use electronic devices, such as smartphones or tablets, without having to remove the glove. This version of glove is very comfortable both for everyday life and for those who work outdoors and need to interact with digital devices. Available on gloves of different materials also in some women's leather models. 

Touch screen glove

The materials of the gloves

All gloves are available in many colors in woolen fabric, woolen cloth, jersey, in suede or smooth leather, in shearling or sheepskin, in micro fiber and in lace. 

In short, gloves for all tastes and desires! 

You can find our gloves at Cappelleria Bacca , in Via Rialto 39 in Rovereto, a few km from Trento in Trentino.

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