Guida ai regali di Natale 2022

Christmas gift guide 2022

Here at the Cappelleria Bacca we have decided that this Christmas we will be tastier, and we want to start this period of goodness, giving you a guide to Christmas gifts suitable for every type of pocket and thought, rest assured, a good figure guaranteed, here in the cappelleria we only have articles of the highest quality .

Gift ideas under €30

For this year by popular demand, for those who want to make a small thought while spending little, but making a great impression, we have some wonderful socks, such as those of the very high quality Oybo ' brand, elegant, ironic and, above all, unmatched socks.

They represent the desire not to take oneself too seriously, to brighten up every day with joy and colour... simply with a mismatched pair of socks. 

Among the socks it is also possible to choose between the Alto Milano brand that makes fine yarns and style its distinctive note or 1177 (Eleven Seventyseven ) for those who want a trendy but at the same time sporty and thermal sock.

The Marcoliani brand completes the offer of socks, with unique colours, designs, textures and embroideries, which also focuses on a very cheerful and colorful Christmas packaging, all socks of the highest Italian quality.

If you think that a sock is not suitable for the person you want to give a gift to, we also have leather and eco-leather key rings (Apple skin to be precise, made with the skins and cores of Val di Non apples) Made in Italy by wallets and many types of leather card holders .

Another warm and soft gift could be the ear cover and neck cover with cross in pure wool or pure cashmere and also our handmade headbands.

Why not give a pair of warm gloves with forefinger and thumb touch , to use digital devices without taking off the gloves?

For this price range, we also have berets available in woolen cloth , wool and alpaca beanies, or cheerful and colorful children's caps . For those who have many hats, we offer our hair boxes, in recycled paper, very useful for storing your hats away from dust or accidental creases.

For those who like to give small jewels, we have handmade bracelets with crystals and bracelets in hard stones by Fefé or Steel and Barnett.

The 24 Bottles water bottles are always a useful and appreciated gift in the 330 ml Clima (thermal) version that falls within the price range under €30, or the bottle in the Urban range and the (smaller) children's version, and also the small 350ml Tumblr mug.

Another very refined gift idea under 30 euros are the environmental perfumes of "Persentio " an Italian brand created by a girl originally from Trentino Alto Adige who has made a profession out of her passion for the scents of nature.

The fragrances available are reminiscent of exotic places, but also the scents of the woods, meadows and flowers of South Tyrol. From 27 euros 

Gift ideas under €50

How about a nice Mc Alson boxer ? Cheerful and colorful, they are available starting from 29 euros in pure cotton Jersey or in cotton from 35 €. 

A thermal or non-thermal stainless steel bottle is always a highly appreciated gift, especially if it is the one from the 24 Bottles line , with beautiful graphics that bring a lot of joy. The 0.5 liter steel bottles  and 0.85 thermal cups cost respectively €.34.90 and €.44.90, ideal for adults or children and also available in the form of a 660 ml “tumbler” thermal cup 

Even a nice pair of fabric or wool and cashmere knit gloves with thumb and forefinger for the touchscreen (you can use the telephone without taking off the gloves) can be a very appreciated and original gift, above all thanks to the excellent wearability and the materials of very high quality.

We have so many wallets both in leather and not, for both men and women, you are spoiled for choice! 

A foldable and rollable hat is an excellent travel companion for the bustle of the city or for pleasant walks, the 30's cloches in wool felt are also beautiful.

The products of the well-known Irish brand Fisherman out of Ireland and other brands such as Kopka , a German brand that makes very beautiful and cheerful woolen cloth hair, are also beautiful. 

A pair of suspenders are instead a classic timeless gift, adapted to all ages, even if young people and women are rediscovering this highly requested accessory. Read more about braces in our blog, or our tutorial on how to wear braces .

Gift ideas under €80

For those who have many hats, and want to store them in a suitable box, we have round hatboxes for sale with our brand.

For superior quality, we also have many items in this price range to choose from for a gift, wallets or card holders in genuine leather for men or women, classic or colorful and fun from the Kjore Project brand, all Italian despite the name .

But also hats and caps such as Italian flat caps of our production or English and Irish of prestigious brands such as Lorence & Foster, Lock & Hatters Hanna Hats of Donegal , Stetson , Borsalino and many others and other accessories with truly exceptional quality. Like for example the wonderful scarves of the Barbieri brand made in Italy

Gift ideas over €80

Going up in budget we can find the pure wool fabric scarves of the Inouitoosh brand if you want a more particular and colorful graphic. Their bags and shoulder bags in canvas cotton are also beautiful, very cheerful and fun with removable shoulder strap.

In pure cashmere we find the Riviera Cachemire brand which offers capes, ponchos, scarves and caps in cashmere of the highest quality made in Italy.

For a truly refined, important and classy gift, the Borsalino hats, high quality Italian excellence, or Stetson or Grevi di Firenze hats are a must.

All the products that we have presented to you in this article have different types of quality, it all depends on the material with which they are made, or on the type of yarn.

For your gift ideas, all you have to do is come to the hat shop to find the right gift, or buy on our online hat shop ! We are waiting for you to advise you in the best way, as always.

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