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Alfonso D’Este

English Bowler Hat in Black and Red Alfonso D'Este Fabric

English Bowler Hat in Black and Red Alfonso D'Este Fabric

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Bowler hat in black and red patterned fabric

Very original of its kind, it features various fabric combinations that break the mold of this traditional English headgear.

With internal lining in patterned cotton and internal sweatband. The crown has a geometric pattern in shades of red while the wing is in the upper part in gray and black herringbone fabric while below it is in black velvet.
Suitable for special occasions where you don't want to go unnoticed!

The bowler hat is one of the most traditional hats of the late 1800s and first half of the 1900s together with the top hat which is the classic 19th century headgear

There are various types of bowler hats: they could have more or less rounded or high domes, ours is the one that was the most sold and produced over time and has remained the traditional shape. Worn by Charlot, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy and so on up to the Beatles… And how not to mention the famous film by Stanley Kubrick “A Clockwork Orange” ….

A timeless hat!

Made in Italy

Alfonso D'Este brand

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