Le scarpe Friulane originali fatte a mano

The original Friulian shoes

Friulian shoes are one of the most sought after shoes of recent years but they have an ancient history. Friulian or furlane, also known as scarpets or papusse in Venice, were Sunday shoes, party shoes, also used as wedding shoes on wedding days, born in the Friuli countryside in the 1800s.

Today Friulian velvet shoes are still made by hand in Friuli by historic companies, and the main characteristics are that they are very soft and very comfortable. And it is precisely in Friuli that theoriginal Friulian shoes under the Cappelleria Bacca brand are produced, a high quality production, with solid foundations in the important tradition of this shoe.

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What are the original Friulane shoes?

The original Friulane shoes are those made of velvet, with the sole obtained from bicycle tyres, strictly hand-sewn conforming perfectly to the foot that wears them.

La Friulane original handmade shoes

How are Friulane used?

If you are wondering when to wear Friulane, know that Friulane are used as comfortable shoes on any occasion, being halfway between a ballerina and a slipper. They are suitable to be worn at any time of the day, both for use at home and for use outdoors, where one has the pleasure of having a very comfortable foot. Moreover, the velvet finish gives a decidedly elegant touch.

If desired, the Friulane can be used with the heel raised or lowered, remaining very comfortable in any case.

What number to take from Friulane?

As soon as you wear them you may feel tight, but being handcrafted and made of velvet you will find that over time they will adapt perfectly to your foot like a glove.

Based on our experience (we use them every day in the shop), we recommend taking the next size up for those who are half a size up.

The original Friulian shoe handmade in Friuli

How to wash Friulane?

Le Friulane can be dry cleaned, or in the washing machine using the program for delicate fabrics. If by chance they get stained, we recommend using a microfiber cloth, slightly moistened with water, and finally wiping with a clean, dry cloth following the direction of the velvet.

How much do Friulane cost?

For an original Italian Friulian (watch out for the imported ones that cost much less but are different!) the price can vary from 79 to over 150 euros depending on the brand and the fabric used (cotton velvet brocades are the most expensive).

Where to buy the original Friulane shoes?

Our original Friulian shoes are made as tradition dictates, you can find them available for purchase at our online shop of hats and accessories (direct link to the profile) or at our hat shop in Rovereto in Trentino in via Rialto 39 in Rovereto.

Many colors are available for these comfortable shoes, from black to burgundy, emerald green, blue, sugar paper, kiwi, ocher yellow, antique pink, orange.

Watch the video on the original Friulian shoes , produced by Cappelleria Bacca.

Handmade shoes in Friuli

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