The History of Bacca Cappelleria

The Cappelleria Bacca is an ancient and charming shop of elegant hats and accessories for men and women that dates back to 1823, when the municipality of Rovereto granted the sales license to Giovanni Bacca .

Almost 200 years have passed since then for one of the oldest hat shops in Italy.

Originally the shop consisted of two rooms; now the only one still in business preserves the floor and most of the original wooden furniture.

The atmosphere inside has remained that of the past, thanks to the presence of numerous antique furniture that still serves as a backdrop to the refined selection of men's and women's hats and accessories, personally curated by Sonia.

In fact, Sonia Monti is the representative of the 5th generation who has successfully managed the Cappelleria over the years.

Sonia Monti Cappelleria Bacca

Offering high quality hats has always been the family mission, in fact Sonia personally selects all the items present, turning her attention to the latest fashion trends but also to the great classics of both Italian and foreign production, offering customers the highest quality items. .

We think that, as never before, buying a hat needs personalized advice that can from time to time adapt to the shape of the face, age and personal tastes of those who buy. All obviously without the inevitable courtesy and kindness that completes the offer of our refined shop.

The same shopping experience that we want to transfer to our online store of hats and accessories for the outfit, offering the best products for sale and advising those who request it the most suitable hat for their person.

A selection of the most prestigious hats, but not only

Cappelleria Bacca, in addition to offering you a selection of the most prestigious brands, such as Borsalino , Stetson , Grevi , Lock , which have always stood out for the design and quality of the materials used, also offers refined articles by emerging designers from all over the world. .

In addition to headgear, Cappelleria Bacca offers a choice of accessories, such as gloves (leather and fabric), scarves , suspenders , foulards , fabric and leather bags , small leather goods , socks and boxers that can be used every day or for the ceremony. .

Made in Italy hats

In addition to the most well-known brands of hats, Cappelleria Bacca has created its own line of hats , caps, headbands and braces , designed on the recommendation of Sonia and proudly produced in Italy.

Made in the best hat factories in Tuscany, they carry that unmistakable Trentino taste given to them by Sonia for her customers.

From Trentino the hats of Giovanni Bacca

Designed in the heart of Trentino by Sonia Monti, the owner of Cappelleria Bacca, the Giovanni Bacca branded hats are made with the idea of ​​providing an excellent product with the good taste that distinguishes Sonia.

Entirely produced in Italy, the Cappelleria Bacca brand hats are a new proposal to meet the needs of our public.

A unique historical workshop full of art

Bacca Headwear

The exterior of the Cappelleria Bacca shop is embellished with a sculptural work of art created by the famous futurist artist Fortunato Depero (1892-1960), a longtime family friend.

The two Caryatids on either side of the shop entrance were built during the early 1900s to decorate the important Trentino business.

Their presence embodies a strong attraction for the many tourists who arrive in Rovereto and cross the historic center, walking from the Mart (the famous Museum of modern and contemporary art) the road that also leads to the recently restored Casa Museo di Depero.

Fortunato Depero was a great friend of the descendant of the Toni Bacca family and contrary to what one might think, he was an avid gambler.

In fact, it was precisely this that, during a game, led him to go into debt with the Bacca family, forcing him to pay them back through two of his works, those caryatids that are located right on the main facade of the aforementioned chapel.

The latter, however, are not the only works that the family has received from the artist, in fact he also gave them one of the few copies of the famous “bolted” with a dedication and signature.

Cappelleria Bacca history