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Typical Tyrolean hat in alpine style water repellent wool felt called "three pits" or "3 points" or "3 shards" due to the shape of the dome which has 3 hollows.

Around the crown there are 3 rolled fabric cords and a real feather.


Available in 2 colors: loden green and mélange gray

Wing 4.5 cm

Made in Italy

A brief history of the Tyrolean hat

The typical Tyrolean hat can have different variations: with wide brims, with three pits, top hats, high and low hats, with prints, embroidery and fabric ribbons.

In the 19th and early 20th century there was a regional unification and a stylization of the Tyrolean hat „Tracht“ (costume) which from simple everyday work costumes, became regional costumes.

With nationalism there was a return and appreciation of customs and traditions. The commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Tyrolean freedom struggle in 1909 led to a unification of clothing, both for the „Schuetzen“ clubs and for the marching bands.

Today on this typical headdress there is the feather that recalls the feathers present on traditional clothes of the last century, instead of the chamois mustache, which is customary in nearby Bavaria.

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