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Borsalino Bogart Fedora Hat In Hare Felt

Borsalino Bogart Fedora Hat In Hare Felt

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Hat in fine shaved hare felt, 6.5 cm brim and 3cm tone-on-tone canneté belt.

The most classic of the historic and famous made in Italy brand Borsalino.

Available colors: blueberry, dark brown, smoky gray, black

Hat care and maintenance:

To keep the shape, lift the hat with both hands using the front and back brim. Don't take the hat from the dome.

Avoid always hanging the hat on the same side.

To remove the dust, use a pure bristle brush, combing the fiber in its natural direction, then expose the hat to the steam jet of a kettle to sanitize and reinvigorate the felt.

To remove small stains from the felt, use a damp cloth in a circular motion without excessive pressure.

To remove the Moroccan, the grosgrain band that garnishes the inside of the hat, rub with a white cloth soaked in a modest amount of Avio stain remover, avoiding the surface engraved with the golden Borsalino logo. If the Moroccan is made of leather, rub it with a cotton swab dipped in cleansing milk.

If the hat gets wet, dab with a soft cloth and let it dry in a ventilated place away from heat sources.

Store the hat away from light, humidity and heat sources in a container protected by moths.

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