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Mature Ha.

Unisex Hat Small Wing Mature Has Foldable Straw

Unisex Hat Small Wing Mature Has Foldable Straw

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If you are looking for an informal hat, to be used on different occasions and which is always different, according to your mood, then you have found it.

This straw hat, for men or women, will allow you, thanks to its versatility, to transform it every time into a different hat.

Raise its wings to open up to the world and uncover your face, or lower them all to make you more mysterious. Are you somewhere in between today? Raise it on one side and lower it on the other ... a fresh straw hat for all groups.

Mature Ha. was born in Kobe in Japan from an idea of ​​Yuki and Masa.

The materials used to make Mature Ha hats are extremely refined, with great attention to detail - to give the wearer unrivaled comfort.

The Boxed Hats are delivered in hand-made boxes and can be folded, modified and assumed a different shape each time.

Each hat is handmade in Japan and personally supervised by Yuki.

Boxed Hats made of cellulose fiber are the hallmark of Mature Ha.

Dome height approx. 10 cm

Wing width 7 cm

One size : 57.5 (M)

model : MBOX 104

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