Spedizione cappelli italiani in Europa

We have activated the international shipping of hats

From today, if you live in Europe, you can buy our beautiful selected Italian hats and all the other high-quality accessories on our online ecommerce reachable at cappelleriabacca.it .

From our hat shop, a historic hat shop with almost 200 years of history, we ship the purchases you make to your home throughout Europe. Shipments will leave from Rovereto (where we are based), in the heart of Trentino (Northern Italy).

Cappelleria Bacca Cappelli Italiani - Italian Hat International shipping

Following the numerous requests from abroad, we have activated the international shipment of Italian hats and clothing accessories for Europe and we are working to activate the shipment for the USA as well.

If you are interested in buying one of our high quality Italian hats with international shipping, but your country is not yet among the countries we cover, do not hesitate to write to us , we will surely find a solution to ship our Italian hats all over the world !

Currently you can choose from the many hats made in Italy by the most prestigious brands, such as Grevi , Borsalino , Alfonso D'Este , Gian Carlo Fantoni, Marcoliani, Alto Milano,Exquisite J , Revetera and many others.

If you don't find your favorite Italian hat brand, visit our ecommerce often, or contact us to ask us, we are always looking for the excellence of Italian craftsmanship that produce hats or other fashion accessories such as suspenders.

Currently one of the products that is going strongest in our online store is made up of velvet Friulane , the typical shoes of the Friulian tradition, which we offer in its original and traditional version, that is strictly made in Friuli, sewn by hand, with the typical sole made from a bicycle tire and without any type of glue.

Friulane shoes international shipping

The Friulian shoes are available in many different colours, consult the website to see which models and colors are available.

For any questions, contact us via the chat (you can find it at the bottom right), or by email .

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