Cappelleria Bacca interno del negozio di cappelli e shop online

The hat shop is also open in August

Cappelleria Bacca also this year so as not to leave you without a suitable hat to face this hot summer, remains open throughout August .

In fact, you can find our shop in Via Rialto 39 in Rovereto (province of Trento), open at the usual times throughout the month of August 2022,
Monday from 16 to 19
from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 to 12 and from 16 to 19
Closed on Sunday.

Where to buy hats online in August?

If you are wondering where to buy hats online 24 hours a day, every day of the year, our hat shop also has an online hat shop and is always open even in August, a period in which it ships without problems.

It is possible to buy online a large part of our range of hats for women and men that can be found in hats, at any time of the day, having the possibility of having the chosen hat delivered to your home, or picking it up directly in the hats, choosing between summer hats and hats. of the best Italian and foreign hat manufacturers.

How important is it to cover your head with a hat?

The importance of covering your head from the sun is very important and not only for the elderly or children, but also for adults.

In fact, it is known that a large part of the heat is regulated by the head, so exposing the head excessively to the sun can cause the whole body to undergo temperature variations.
This is why it is always recommended to use a hat to cover your head.

The intense heat should never be underestimated, a hat can give comfort to personal well-being and be of great help, and can help avoid feelings of fainting.

So whether it's a classic peaked hat or a straw hat, an elegant Panama hat, a fisherman's hat or any other shape, we absolutely advise you not to go on holidays without a hat.

Happy holidays from Cappelleria Bacca - Rovereto - Trentino

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