Differenza tra la coppola inglese e la coppola irlandese

Difference between the English flat cap and the Irish flat cap

English flat cap or Irish flat cap?

The flat cap is a hat with a small visor, with a legendary retro shape and incomparable charm, with the dome tending to be flat or wedged.

Thanks to its diffusion there are several variants, based on the culture of origin, today we will talk about the difference between the English and Irish flat cap.

Let's start from the difference between the names, the English flat cap, has the name of cap, cloth cap or flat cap, while the Irish flat cap is also referred to as the gavroche hat or Irish hat, both flat caps are worn by both men and women. by women.

The substantial difference that immediately catches the eye between the English flat cap and the Irish flat cap is that the Irish flat cap has a greater width than the dome, usually consisting of 8 triangular wedges of fabric converging in the center of the dome while the English flat cap has a thinner profile and less wide, decidedly more tapered than the Irish one.

Characterizing element of the Irish flat cap is also the presence of a button at the top to cover the point where the wedges join, although it may happen that some models of English flat cap have adopted it.

The Irish flat cap is sometimes equipped with a soft visor, which allows it to be folded and stored in a pocket or bag, without being damaged.

How to choose between the Irish or the English flat cap according to the shape of the face and the build?

The Irish flat cap, being very wide in the upper part, is advisable for a wider face or a more robust body, while the English flat cap being more tapered is suitable for a thinner face and a slender body. This does not mean that even those who have a very thin face cannot wear this type of headdress, perhaps moving the fabric and the wedges slightly to one side to balance the shapes.

Recently back in fashion thanks to the British TV series " Picky Blinders ", where the cloche , the newsboy and the flat cap are also worn.

Even before the flat cap was worn by Sean Connery or the ACDC singer ( Brian Francis Johnson ) in the 80s, the Irish flat cap is even more relevant than ever with its retro 1930s charm.

Watch the video explaining the difference between the English and Irish flat caps on our YouTube channel .

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