Il cappello invernale di Borsalino

Borsalino's winter hat

The winter hat of Borsalino is an excellent companion for the cold season, in fact with the beginning of autumn we begin to perceive the drop in temperatures, especially in the early morning and when the sun has already set.

In this autumn period, the demand for felt hats , both for men and women, begins in headwear, which as we know are excellent thermal insulators, also proving to be breathable, light and also waterproof, therefore perfectly suitable for cold and rainy seasons such as autumn and winter. 'winter.

Today we are talking in particular about the classic Borsalino line, the non plus ultra of high quality Italian hats, omnipresent in our hats and also available on our new e-commerce site.

The Borsalino Fedora

Let's start with the classic Borsalino Fedora , an elegant hat usually in hare felt (but also exists in wool felt) very light in terms of weight, but very warm and very soft. It is probably the most famous men's hat in the world characterized by the crown with a central split and pinched on the sides of the front with a brim of at least 6 cm.

Inextricably linked to charismatic figures of American cinema, such as Humphrey Bogart (from whom it sometimes takes its name) who loved and wore Borsalino hats in his films, it is certainly a classic hat that should never be missing in wardrobes.

Borsalino Bogart Fedora Hat In Hare Felt

The Borsalino Traveler

Another best seller of the ancient Italian house Borsalino is the Traveler , a rollable and pocket hat, initially with a rounded crown, similar to that of the bowler hat, which with a few touches of the hands it is possible to model in various shapes, such as a Fedora, a Homburg (or lobbia) or a Pork pie (translated: pork pie that resembles a pie because it is circular).

The Borsalino Traveler is a much loved hat not only for those who travel for work or pleasure but also for those who find it convenient to be able to fold and store their hat in their pocket or bag without the risk of forgetting it around (see how it folds into a cone in the video on this page or in our Youtube channel). When we need it again, it will be very easy to give it back its shape with simple gestures and the hat returns as before, in short, a very functional hat and I would say almost magical.

Another version of the Traveler is the one with visible seams, deliberately sportier, with smaller flaps and therefore also suitable for smaller and smaller bodies.

This hat also folds into a cone, and thanks to the strap supplied, it can be closed without the need to hold it tight with our hands, a truly practical and very smart hat!

Rollable Borsalino Traveler winter hat

The Borsalino Trilby

Another classic Borsalino hat for winter is the Trilby , made of hare felt or wool with a Fedora type dome but with a smaller 4/5 cm wing, while the height of the dome is obviously proportionate to the width of the tense.

An informal alternative for those who want a classic but at the same time contemporary hat. This hat is also more suitable for not too robust bodies.

Borsalino Trilby hat

What is the difference between the Trilby and the Fedora?

At first glance you may be confused, as the Fedora and the Trilby look similar, but the difference between the Trilby and the Fedora is mainly due to the different aspect ratios.

The Fedora hat has a wider wing width, while the Trilby hat has a smaller wing. Both hats have the dome of the same shape, and the two lateral dimples, the central split but obviously different proportions compared to the height of the dome, which obviously adapts to the width of the wing.

How to choose the hat that fits you best?

To choose the most suitable hat for your build and physicality, you must first observe the width of the hat's wing: the wider it is, the more it needs physicists with broad shoulders and a suitable height.

For example, a 7-8 cm wide wing is more suited to a taller body and the dome and wing must be proportionate to the width of the shoulders and the height of the person. If you are smaller in build, choose a shorter wing which can also be medium width if the shoulders are broad enough and the build is strong.

If you have any doubts about which hat to choose, feel free to contact us , we will be available to advise you.

A curiosity:

the best-selling hat in the world of the Borsalino brand is the Country a best seller also in our hats. The fit of this hat is exceptional in fact it adapts perfectly to all faces and bodies. Impossible not to feel at ease with this hat that lends itself to a casual / sporty look but also refined at the same time.

The Country hat is a Fedora with a leather band, medium brim width and slightly lower dome height than the classic Fedora. It is also distinguished by the shape of the slightly conical dome, while the wing is facing downwards both in front and behind.

Borsalino Country

Why choose a felt winter hat?

The rabbit felt is a very precious, very light and very warm felt that maintains the brightness of the color longer than other felts, it is also waterproof, so it can be safely used even in rain or snow conditions and the hat does not it will absolutely ruin.

How to clean a felt winter hat?

For proper cleaning of your wool felt or hare felt winter hat, we recommend two basic tools. The first is the natural bristle brush, the other is the fabric brush (the red velvet lint remover).

With the natural bristle brush you can carry out a deeper cleaning of the hat, as it is able to penetrate slightly inside the fiber of the felt and remove more dust.

If, on the other hand, you have to clean the hat superficially, then we recommend using the fabric brush, because it helps to remove all the light hairs that you see deposited on the dark felt.

How to clean felt winter hat
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