Poncho in cashmere di alta qualità

Cashmere poncho for women

Cashmere poncho, cape or cape for women, three different words to describe a soft and warm embrace to protect you from the cold with elegance.

And if we talk about a high quality cashmere cape like those of Riviera Cashemere, then we have a prestigious garment to combine with style.

Ideal to wear during the coldest days both indoors and outdoors, it can also be worn over an outerwear to increase its warmth.

Cashmere is much more tolerated by those with ultra sensitive skin and cannot stand the roughness of wool, or are even allergic to it.

100% cashmere made in Italy

Cashmere is one of the finest types of wool in the world and compared to common wool, it is much brighter, shiny, soft and isothermal, in fact it is extremely soft and delicate in contact with the skin. 

The women's cashmere poncho that we have selected among the high quality garments that we offer to our customers is made by Riviera Cashmere, one of the most important Italian clothing brands, which produces all its items in Italy, with that unmistakable made in Italy that distinguishes it.

Natural cashmere, without chemical processes and without dyeing

One more reason to buy a high quality product selected directly by Sonia, owner of Cappelleria Bacca, is to have a natural cashmere, made without chemical processes and without dyeing.

Riviera capes are made with the best raw materials, exactly as they are made in nature, therefore without the use of dyes and without chemical processes.

The best cashmere comes directly from the hircus goats that graze on the edge of the Gobi desert in Asia, right in Kashmir, a historical region currently divided between India, Pakistan and China.

The women's cashmere cape is available in our hat shop in Rovereto (Trentino) and on sale online in the best-selling colors: black , blue , yellow , gray , ivory , dove gray , the last 3, completely free of dyes, are made up of only goat fleece as is without dye.

A curiosity about the word cashmere

Did you know that the word cashmere (of English derivation), can also be spelled correctly cashmere (in French) or kashmir (of Indian derivation) and that it is pronounced ['kaʃmir], even if the most used form is deriving from English , i.e. cashmere. In the past (around 1797) an Italian definition of casimir was also in vogue, a word which then fell into modern use, around 1892, when the word cashmere took over in common usage.

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