Cappelli da donna per l'inverno

How to choose the winter women's hat

Winter is the time when even the most reluctant to wear a hat resort to it. In fact, the hat is essential to cover the head from the cold, but also to add a touch of style and personality to your clothing.

So let's start by saying that not all winter hats are the same, there are heavier ones and lighter ones, those that protect you from the weather (rain or snow), those that heat up a lot and those that are a little less, there are hats covering the ears and the most suitable hats to cover the forehead.

In short, are you ready to throw yourself into the colorful universe of hat shapes that can help you spend a warm winter (at least as far as your head is concerned) and have that extra touch of personality that doesn't hurt?

The beret is a sporty and informal hat

Let's start with the simplest, the classic knit or woolen cloth cap , close-fitting or drooping as it is in fashion right now. With turn-up or without, in thick or fine jersey, handmade or loom-made, it has always been one of the best-selling hats ever because it is very sporty and informal and because it is the most popular and cheapest hat ever (unless it is pure cashmere or handmade).

Women's winter cap Toque Cap in Blue Wool

It is unisex and almost everyone has at least one in their closet because it suits almost all types of clothing and, depending on the shape, all face types.

Many people make it themselves with a few simple knitting stitches following tutorials or buying kits with everything you need: needles, wool, needles and step-by-step instructions even for beginners. This is why we too in the hat shop sell balls of pure wool and kits for those who want to make their own cap.

For those who prefer to buy it already made from us, they will be able to find many caps in different variations of both shapes and colors and yarns. An excellence among all the brands is represented by the Irish company, which we have been hosting here for several years in the hat shop, the company " Fisherman Out of Ireland " which makes caps produced on a loom in Donegal, with pure Shetland wool yarns, extra fine merino wool and first quality cashmere, as well as with yak yarns, a large bovine similar to a bull with a very thick and soft coat originating in Tibet. 

How to choose the hat that fits your face

The only caution you need to have in choosing your cap is to opt for a cap without a cuff if you have a narrow, minute face or thin, while if you have a more robust build and your face is more rounded or with more protruding cheekbones you will have to choose a cap with a turn-up so that the volume that is created around your face tends to give more balance to the shapes. 

Basque for winter

Another very popular and always best-selling hat is the beret , a hat that is easy to wear but needs some advice on how to position it correctly (have you seen our tutorial ?), but once you learn it, it's very simple.

The beret is a hat suitable for all seasons, in fact we can have berets in wool, felt, cotton, linen, cashmere, yak and other natural yarns. It is also comfortable to wear because it is soft and practical, you can put it in your pocket or bag without losing its shape. Covers the forehead, and if necessary both ears (depending on how it is worn).

Winter red beret for women

How to choose a Basque?

This type of hat is suitable for all face types, the important thing is that the width of the plate is proportionate to the size of the head and shoulders. A long or narrow face would need a smaller flat beret.

The cloche, the 30s bell-shaped hat

The cloche is the classic bell-shaped hat, with a basically rounded dome, and a small or medium-sized brim that frames the face. 

The cloche can be in fabric or felt, with a small or medium brim and sometimes has a retro style that recalls the 30s.

The Kopka brand (German) produces the "clochard", a very particular cloche, in pure wool cloth, unlined but very warm and soft which, if necessary, transforms into various models simply by moving and shaping the flap or the dome according to the own taste. For each hat, a small leaflet is given which explains how to obtain and model the various shapes.

How to choose the cloche based on the shape of the face

The cloche classy covers the forehead, the head and sometimes, if in fabric and with a deeper dome, even the ears from the wind and bad weather. This type of hat is more suitable for oval or round faces as the brim that surrounds them slims the shapes.

Visor hats for winter

If you want to face the winter with a hat with a visor , we have several models to suggest: The " brat " is a type of hat with a large dome in segments that looks like a beret with a small visor which, thanks also to its lining interior keeps the head very warm. Another advantage is that this type of hat also covers the ears very well.

The " Stewart " looks a bit like a sailor hat, it has a flat dome and therefore smaller than the brat, with a different fit, in fact not very suitable for elongated or very thin faces.

Baseball hats are a must, for those who love a sporty look, they are available in waterproof technical fabric or in lined woolen cloth to shelter from the cold and rain. On the same typology you can also choose the jockey hat, by the Japanese designer Noriko Chisaki , with a smaller and softer visor that makes the hat very practical, since it can be folded / rolled up in a pocket or bag.

What type of face is the baseball cap suitable for?

The baseball cap is one of those shapes that looks good on all faces and body shapes. It can be worn with both loose and tied hair if you use the back area with the strap that adjusts the size.

Which hat is very opaque?

The Toque or zuccotto or calottina , more simply, is a very opaque and soft hat, being made of fabric or jersey, which covers the whole head, neck and ears. It is a very warm type of hat that can also be lined in fleece and sometimes decorated on the side, for those who want a more chic and elegant hat.

A type of Toque is also the Zarina a fake fur hat, very soft that completely covers the head and is very warm, since its interior is lined in fleece.

Winter Women's Toque Hat

For which face is the Toque, the skullcap and the cap suitable?

The toque , the zuccotto and the cap are very suitable for narrow or oval faces as, being without a brim, they tend to enlarge the shapes. If you have a square or round face it is advisable to opt for a toque or cap with folds and fabric inserts or side decorations that give a little volume on the sides of the face in order to slim the shapes.

The Fedora, a classy classic hat

The Fedora is a classic hat, made of wool or hare felt, available in various patterns, single-color, with decorations, two-color or animalier (brindle or leopard). 

The most famous Fedora is obviously the medium-brimmed classic Borsalino which is our best seller in hats. It's a type of hat that warms the head, it's also waterproof, and sometimes rollable, but it keeps the ears uncovered, even if it protects the forehead from the wind, so it's recommended for those who don't feel too cold around the neck and ears.

What type of face is the Fedora suitable for?

The Fedora, with its wide brims is a type of hat suitable for an oval, round or broad face.

In short, whether it's a beret , toque , fedora , cloche or simple cap , the important thing is to choose the hat that best suits our build, face, tastes and needs.

For this reason it is important to be advised in the right choice by a professional who is familiar with the characteristics of the hats on sale and who knows how to suggest the most suitable shape for the customer's face type and physicality.

For this purpose, for those who cannot go to our shop, and for those who therefore cannot benefit from direct advice, we are activating an image consultancy service which can be very useful for those who want personalized advice on which hat to buy and wants to guarantee a high quality hat and suitable for your needs.

So do not hesitate to contact us to ask us for any information or curiosity about hats and to find out which hat could be right for you.
We are waiting for you in the hat shop or on our website! 

For the sizes, don't worry, if there are small differences we will be able to intervene on the hat to adapt it perfectly to the size of your head and if necessary, upon request, by attaching to the shipment, if you buy online on the website, an adhesive pad to apply inside the hat under the grosgrain to decrease the size by just enough to make it perfectly fitting.

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