Mature Ha. Capelli di alta qualità dal Giappone

Mature Ha. High quality hair from Japan

Mature Ha. is one of those hat brands we are very fond of. Being always looking for unique products, which have a soul, and which create a particular feeling, we pay a lot of attention to details (which always make the difference! :) and this Japanese brand of refined details has made its own stylistic philosophy by putting it always heart and soul in all his creations.

Ripe Has straw hat

Evolution comes from change, which is why we believe that this hat is not only a useful hat to shelter from the sun or the wind but also conveys a desire for change.

The idea of ​​Yuki and Masa, creators of Mature Ha. is also to create a hat that can be comfortably enjoyed in everyday life, a wardrobe piece that can be essential.

The design of the Mature Ha. it is simple and with a high degree of freedom, thanks to the possibility of changing its shape and being worn in multiple ways, according to the outfit of the moment.

Mature Ha's signature hat. is the Boxed Hat, the reinvented straw hat.

Handcrafted in cellulose fiber, easy to carry around and store, thanks to its handmade cardboard box from which it takes the name of "Boxed Hat", without worrying about ruining it by folding it as it already is!

Today, the brand offers different styles of simple but fine design, high quality and unisex hats that can be worn in many different ways.

Discover the Mature Ha hats in our catalog.

Mature Hat Ha. Bucket Fisherman
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