Come indossare le bretelle - Tutorial

How to wear suspenders - Tutorial

The suspender is a clothing accessory that has existed for at least 300 years, first appeared during the French Revolution, the current model (with clips) was invented in 1822, a year before the foundation of the Cappelleria Bacca.

You are probably thinking that this is an accessory that is a bit "out of fashion" and not very practical, why use elastic bands that pass over your shoulders, instead of a more practical belt?

Nothing could be more wrong, not only are they not outdated, but in some cases they are the only possible alternative to a classy dress or an amazing outfit.

When to put the suspenders?

Today the suspender is a decidedly trendy and tasteful accessory, worn when you want to feel more elegant, in an elegant ceremony or party.

There are cases in which the use of suspenders is almost mandatory, for example in moments of maximum formality, in which you wear a tuxedo, a tight or a frack, which can only be worn with suspenders, but in general , even a suit, a formal or semi-formal suit, is definitely enhanced with the use of suspenders.

The suspender has been decidedly cleared of its role as a ceremonial accessory, and worn in even more casual occasions in unimaginable combinations. Worn over a pair of jeans, with a polo shirt or a T-shirt, the suspenders allow you to keep the height of the trousers and the hem of the same constant.

Not just men. In fact, as you can see from the video below, the suspenders are very well worn even by a woman, they give them a decidedly sexy and a little masculine look and can be worn not only with pants, but also with a skirt.

Braces, what are the advantages?

An inevitable practical advantage of the suspender is that unlike the belt, it does not compress around the waist, so we will feel freer and more comfortable to wear them.

Some famous public figures have made it their style mark. And what a style!

How to wear the suspenders?

If you want to find out how to wear suspenders and the range of sizes and patterns available, check out the videos I made for you. In the tutorial I will explain how to put on the suspenders, how to choose them and how to match them.

However, please do not make the most serious mistake in wearing the suspenders, that is to wear them together with the belt!

Where to buy the suspenders?

If you are wondering where to buy suspenders, I have two tips for you, the first at our shop in via Rialto in Rovereto, a few km from Trento in Trentino, where I can personally advise you which color to choose or how to match the suspenders, or if you prefer the convenience of the web, on our website

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