Il cappello Tirolese originale

The original Tyrolean hat

The Tyrolean hat is a symbol of Trentino Alto Adige, in the eyes of the tourist it immediately brings to mind the beautiful mountains where you can breathe fresh air, go for beautiful walks, trekking or why not, even a nice climb.

For the inhabitants of Trentino Alto Adige, however, the Tyrolean or Alpine hat is the hat of the peasant and wealthy city tradition.

Today it is certainly much less used than in previous years, but it is still possible to see it on the head of some elegant gentleman who strolls through the center of cities such as Bolzano, Merano or Trento, perhaps accompanied by this traditional hat with a long and well-groomed mustache.

Original Tyrolean hat

The charm of the Tyrolean hat is something incredible, despite its simplicity it is still today a cult object that is very sold among mountain lovers (in our hat shop in Rovereto, it always has a place of honor), whether it is for a simple souvenir or to be used on the trails in combination with a prose backpack, this too an object very inspired by the mountain tradition.

It is a hat, but in emergencies also a container for water or for picking berries, mushrooms, wild herbs or whatever you desire. Sure maybe it's more appropriate to use a basket... but if you don't have it at hand, why give up the surprises that the forest can give you?

The typical Tyrolean hat can have different variations: with wide brims, with three pits, cylinder hats, high and low hats, with prints, embroidery and fabric ribbons. Green or gray (the more traditional ones), it is made of natural raw wool or leather.

Today on this typical headgear there is the feather that recalls the feathers present on the traditional clothes of the last century, instead of the chamois mustache, customary instead in nearby Bavaria. models are also available without feathers, decorated with simple iron buttons or cords.

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Tyrolean hat and mountain backpack

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