Noriko Chisaki, cappelli come veicoli di felicità

Noriko Chisaki, hats as vehicles of happiness

Japanese hats by Noriko Chisaki

Noriko Chisaki wondered: is there a hat that makes you feel comfortable and happy before you know it?
The answer was, yes, a hat can be a small means to offer joy and give a smile to both the wearer and those who admire it.

Chisaki is committed to making hats that are pleasant and comfortable to wear and that are an essential and indispensable part of your daily life, and that you love yours as you would a good luck charm, with a bond of affection.

The philosophy that Chisaki wants to put in its hats is to convey the sensations of comfort and pleasure that mother nature transmits to us every day.

Noriko with her hat company, has been committed to making nice and comfortable hats for her customers to wear.

"We want our hats to be an essential and indispensable part of your daily life, and that you love yours as you would a lucky charm, with a bond of affection"

"Peace begins with a smile" is the mantra written on the label of each hat by Noriko Chisaki, a hat designer from Tokyo, who has drawn a passion for this accessory that has led her in almost 20 years to establish herself among the most successful hat designers in the world.

Simplicity and refined and cared for details characterize his creations that emanate poetry and sentiment from all plots.

Chisaki sees her hats as vehicles of happiness for those touched by them. A brand linked to customer satisfaction, in full Japanese company philosophy "a good sale is advantageous in three ways: for the customer, for the seller and for the company." But all this is not enough, in fact Noriko wants to add a fourth way, achieving "consideration for our future" three other pillars.

We hope that our hats, today and tomorrow, bring us together, with new smiles on our faces.

The hat is a vehicle of joy and poetry

After taking a course in cap manufacturing by chance, Noriko Chisaki became a hat creator for the "Valeur" brand where she worked as a hat designer for 12 years before becoming independent and launching her own "chisaki" brand in 2016. , focusing even more on the almost obsessive attention to detail and the search for raw materials and components produced by Japanese niche artisans and beyond.

Embracing the high standards, care and technical excellence of Japanese craftsmen, he emphasizes the quality of Japanese craftsmanship in his creations, while using his talent with materials from around the world to make the most of their qualities and potential. Noriko also strives to employ materials and techniques which, despite their beauty, are on the verge of being forgotten due to the dwindling number of craftsmen who master them.

Whether it is, for example, the dyeing of ribbons or fabrics with vegetable dyes (carried out by Atelier kitta), through the use of recycled glass beads from the Ivory Coast, or through pendants ordered by Seiko OBARA, a talented metal artist , expresses the mastery of his art with great creative freedom, taking the utmost care in finishing even the less visible details of his creations.

You will not only wear a hat but a vehicle of joy and poetry.

Noriko Chisaki Trentino hats

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