Il cappello da pescatore

The fisherman's hat

The fisherman 's hat or whatever it is called abroad, buket hat or bucket hat (literal translation) born in the early 1900s, had disappeared from the scene at the beginning of the 2000s, bound only to a "technical" user, to then forcefully return to the fore in recent years as an inevitable accessory for every outfit, becoming one of the protagonists of world fashion.

Fisherman's hat

Worn indifferently by men, women or children, this hat has been reinterpreted with every type of fabric and style, to be adapted to any look or outfit.

The bucket hat has been the protagonist in recent years of an overbearing return, probably due to the ease with which it is possible to wear it (it is foldable and fits comfortably in a pocket or in a woman's bag), but also to the possibility with which it is possible switch from one model to another.

The fisherman's hat has had a strong relaunch in recent years by the most famous fashion houses such as Valentino, Fendi, Gucci, Versace and Prada, who have used it in catwalk during the fashion weeks, we have also seen it made in vinyl, PVC or paint as rainproof.

Undoubtedly the message that the bucket hat has conveyed is unquestionably that of being for everyone, regardless of age and environment, also thanks to the shades of colors, materials and textures with which it is made. And above all due to the simplicity of style that communicates, straight cut without frills.

We can perhaps say that the fisherman's hat was for the 90s what the flared trousers were for the 70s.  A style icon.

Yes, because it is in the fantastic 90s (sorry, we are biased), that the pescatoria hat gave its best, and then exploded again in these years.

Run DMC Bucket Hat

It covered the coolest heads in the most disparate fields, especially those of the musical culture of the 90s, just to mention a name the RUN DMC who wore it together with the Fedora in Blues Brothers style.

How can we forget British pop icons such as the Spice Girls or the Gallagher brothers (Oasis) who in rainy Manchester surely had good reasons to wear a Bucket Hat.

The fisherman's hat is such a pop element that it is also used in cult video games such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and worn by Captain Prince in Call Of Duty.

A hat to wear with ease on any occasion, whether to shelter from the rain or the sun or simply because you want to follow the trend of the moment.

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