Bretelle Cappelleria Bacca

The braces of Cappelleria Bacca

The suspenders that we sell in the store are produced by us, designed and made for us, entirely in Italy by a company that has been making this type of article for 20 years, meticulously taking care of the choice of materials to offer a product of the highest quality.

How are the suspenders made?

The fundamental part of the suspenders are the clips that must be sturdy and hold the grip of the pants firmly. This is why we have chosen them very resistant and guarantee a perfect seal for any type of body.

What fabrics are used for the suspenders?

We use the best stretch and non-stretch fabrics to ensure that our suspenders are of excellent quality. Wool, silk, linen, cotton and other types of fabrics in plain colors or with classic or lively patterns that can also be combined with bow ties made with the same fabric.

We have 4 types of suspenders: with wide clips only, with narrow clips only or wide or narrow with interchangeable leather clips and eyelets depending on whether you want a more formal style or a vintage air.

In the package, the buttons to be applied to the trousers are also provided, in case they are not provided.

They are all made in one size, easily adjustable by sliding the sliders that are positioned on the shoulder straps, for a perfect tailored adjustment.

The leather straps without buttonholes have 4 clips (two on the front and two on the back) while those with leather buttonholes have a single clip on the back and 2 clips on the front.

Wide straps are recommended for stout builds, while narrow straps are recommended for slimmer ones.

One last tip, suspenders are usually seen as a men's accessory, worn on formal occasions, where the suspender gives that extra touch of class, which will make you stand out, but more often than not, they are also successfully used by women, as demonstrated by Sonia in the video tutorial on how to wear suspenders .

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